Mail Art is the creative process by which it is used as a means of transmitting the traditional postal service and, therefore, postcards, envelopes, stamps and postmarks are some of the medium on which is possible expression of this art. The artists mainly use techniques such as collages, painting, drawing, photos, writing, textil, recycle art, origami, digital art etc.
"Art in the Mail" is my personal project of Mail Art, I will create ArtWorks in small format, where painting, drawing and collage predominate, they are sent to different artists and galleries throughout the world as to future events related to the art movement in question.

Friday 29 April 2011


Acrylic, Permanent ink, metalic paint, decollage and collage on card; 10.5x18.5cm; 2011

 Sent to the Mail Art Call titled " Living slow - Living fast " the exhibition will be in 2011 on QS Gallery of The Museum of Instant Images.


  1. So expressive! And rich with features I am still learning after viewing a second and a third time. Brilliant work!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Rose, i real appreciate.